Ordering the equipment from the USA

“LEE Imaging Ukraine” headquarters specialists located in state of Tennessee (USA) will provide our customers with the following service:

  • Find the required equipment in the US with NO brokers, directly in the medical/imaging centers. Not refurbish equipment from the brokers warehouse, but currently installed and working in the medical/imaging centers.
  • Inspecting and professional diagnostic of the equipment with providing the detailed report of it’s technical and cosmetic condition before the de-install.
  • Participate in the auctions and bid for the selected type of equipment in the name of customer and according to the customer’s budget.
  • Provide a professional de-install after coordinating all details with the customer.
  • Provide all kinds of packing, loading and trucking service.
  • Provide the customs clearance and shipping the equipment to Ukraine.

On the territory of Ukraine:

  • Provide the customs clearance.
  • Provide the trucking of the equipment to the destination.

Upon additional agreement with the customer:

  • Provide the equipment unload
  • Manage the site preparation for CT and MRI including the RF/Lead room build up , installation of protected windows, doors and other.
  • Provide the equipment installation.
  • Provide the equipment power up, calibration and turn on.

If required:

  • Provide the PM and any other service of the installed equipment after signing the service contact.

Our commitment is happy customer. You save your time and money working with us. We are 100% of American reliability, quality and service in Ukraine!